News; "Pigalle Follies" in black patent leather

Published: Thursday 07 September, 2017

The "Pigalle Follies" in black patent leather by shoe designer Christian Louboutin. Part of the iconic Pigalle style family, the Pigalle Follies are the beautiful iconic classic Pigalles but with a pencil thin heel. The Follies are the style in between the Pigalle and the So Kate. You could describe the Follies as the So Kate heel on the classic Pigalle. The Follies have become really really rare now, as the So Kate is seen as the updated version of the pigalle, and the follies has a short and limited release. The Follies like all pigalle styles just look amazing on! The toes look fantastic in them, and the pointed toe is perfect. The heel height is 120mm (5 inches), and like all Louboutins has the iconic lacquered red leather sole. These shoes retailed for £455 GBP and are completely sold out and will not be released again. (not in black patent - the mesh and exotic pattern designs are still available currently). These shoes are a must for Louboutin hardcore fans, or a woman that collects rare, limited designer shoes. A great alternative to the So Kate that is skyrocketing in price!