News; How to walk in heels

Published: Friday 07 October, 2016

Christian Louboutin Roller 1c1s Spikes Suede Mens Flat Sneakers Shoes Fushia Gold Crystal are the women’s favorites which are not only beautiful, fashion, but also can make your legs longer. However, If you don't wear it properly, you will feel painful. So how to walk in heels shoes. Today, I will Introduces some of my experiences about wear heels shoes.
The first thing is to start with a pair of small heels especially you have never wear the heels before. In my opinion, you can wear the small heel shoes at work. And in the evening, you can take a walk in high heels. as you are practiced, please walk slowly. I still remember, my first high heel shoes was a wedge shoes. Every evening, I will have a walk with my friend in the high-heeled shoes. At first, my feet hurt after a short way. Then we will have a rest. Now, I can wear Christian Louboutin Roller-Boat Spikes Leather Mens Flat Sneakers All Black for vacation. I always remember the time to practice how to walk in high heels. The christian louboutin shoes are the best choice.